Exam fever!

So it’s half past midnight and I’m less than 24hours from a VERY big exam; of course this should mean I’ll blog. I mean, any reason to stay away from the books right? On any given day, I don’t mind my course material so much but come exam time and I repel them like like poles repel each other . It’s always been this way, during the course time I might even consider opening my books from time to time but trying to get me to hit the books for an exam is like trying to get your cat to take a bath.

The source has changed but there’s always been a distraction or as I like saying it, a “higher calling”. In the seventh standard, with the Physics mid terms just the next day, I was caught reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was not pretty. My mum, who isn’t used to seeing me sit down with my books for longer than 10 minutes, found my sudden increase in concentration span to a whole hour quite suspicious. One look from behind me showed her the hidden Potter novel behind the big text book. This led to the banishment of the entire Potter series into the Godrej ( yes, that bad!) during the exams. In the 10th standard, during my board exams, it was Samurai X. I would watch the regular series and the re-runs! Needless to say, the mother was sick with worry. This was reflected in the doubt she had over my results but that’s a story for another time. During pre-university it was my obsession with the late night radio show. I would stay up until 3 every night just to have my request played ( talk about crazy!). More recently, last semester, was my trip to Spain and Paris. Any other normal person would avoid a trip, not me, I just love a distraction. I paid the price but it seems that I’m still to learn from my ways. This semester blogging has become my “escape” during the exams.

The point is (if there is any point at all to this entire post), that it’s only when I REALLY need my left brain to be on it’s toes that it decides to go into hibernation and my right one gets into overdrive! It’s really quite ridiculous that on a normal day, if you give me a paper and pen and ask me to write I would just stare at you like you had a monkey sitting on your head; but now the words flow from beneath my fingertips like a pianist’s fingers fly over the keys (no, I don’t mean to say I’m a great writer just that I have lots to say). The people around me have no such problems and find it incredibely appalling that I while away my time this way. I like to think it’s the way I keep the exam tension away. Whether I actually take tension in the first place is of course a topic up for debate; being known,as I am, for giving tension rather than taking it. Then again, maybe I do and I just don’t know about it because I circumvent the tension with this.


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Manasa Manjunath

Automotive engineering master student from India who has a LITTLE TOO MANY interests in life. I'm not the most knowledgeable person out there but I do have an opinion about things. They need not be right but at least I'm my own person. My areas of interest range from fashion to food and literature to automobiles. I enjoy reading as much I enjoy trekking, traveling and working with cars. I love music but can't sing to save my life. I enjoy theater and have a keen interest in architecture, art, history and how they all come together. Always interested in trying new things and meeting new people. Most important part of my person you ask? Potterhead, Bangalorean and proud!

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