IT ruined my city!!

Disclaimer : This is a rant. Its not a researched piece of writing. It’s probably going to anger a lot of people if you read it seriously. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular. It’s not people I’m blaming but what has happened to the city with the advent of IT.

I’m away for a year and my worst fear is realised! Whoever said IT would be good for Bangalore should be cut into little pieces. No that would be too lenient. They should be brought to Bangalore and made to live in the city. Live the life ordinary (read non IT) people do on their budget (again read non IT). Let them try if for just a month! A new house every week, pick any residential area Malleswaram, Rajajinagar, Banashankari, Sadashivnagar, now travel to a place of work/study BEL circle, Peenya, MG Road. Try this for a month and you’ll see how our haven has turned into hell.

It’s not just one thing. It’s EVERYTHING! Living in the city has become a nightmare! Don’t argue with me saying we have better infrastructure or facilities now than we did before IT happened. We had great facilities! Those of us who’ve lived in Bangalore for the better part of our lives (eg. 22 out of 24) are very distressed about the state you’ve put our beautiful city in. So for those of you who are new to Bangalore (read those who arrived on the IT bandwagon from hell), let me break it down for you :

1. Weather

Don’t you even get started with me saying Bangalore has great weather compared to the rest of the country! We always did! But only we know and have lived through how with each passing year the weather has deteriorated. We don’t take pride in the comparison, we pride ourselves in the pleasant weather that we grew up in.

2. Infrastructure

What is with the constant construction?! You lay down a new road and the next week you’re digging it up again! Have you heard of something called planning??! The road widening, metro construction, line laying, relaying and digging up of footpaths and roads are killing us! We had better footpaths 13 years ago!! We had an airport too! It may have been small but it was enough. And as for the Metro, we wouldn’t have needed that either! Thank you IT!!

3. Traffic and travel time

Malleswaram to MG road would take me 20minutes max! And this in weekend rush hour traffic. Now it takes me an hour with the constant traffic and one ways! That’s a 3 fold increase!! The same time I could’ve spent shopping, eating or roaming around in MG road I’m spending stuck doing nothing in traffic! Add the 1 hour I spend in coming back instead of 20minutes. I want my 80minutes of shopping that you’ll are depriving me of!!

It’s not going from place A to B anymore. Whether on foot, by car or public transport, it’s one longgggggggg journey! It’s as if we’ve been transported back to a time where people used bullock carts! We take days to reach places that are only minutes away!!

4. Expanding Bangalore

Thanks to the IT boom and the hundred thousand people coming here the demand for space has shot up causing every little halli around to become Bangalore. Please note : You’re Bangalorean ONLY if you hail from the city! Not district! Staying in Hosur and telling you’re from Bangalore is like people from Ghaziabad saying they’re from Delhi!! For your understanding let me narrate an incident. I remember going to a house warming ceremony back in 2000. Said house was in JP Nagar. When we tried to get an auto to go there from Malleswaram, the auto driver laughed at us saying that’s not Bangalore. You know what? I agree!! But today it is. God damn IT!!

5. Skyhigh Prices

You can no longer afford to live in Bangalore unless you get the standard IT package. Clothes, restaurants are a different story altogether, even going to the roadside chat fellow has become expensive. Don’t tell me it’s the same everywhere. Does a plate of bhel puri set you back Rs. 20-25? (I’m still talking roadside not mall. Why idiot eats chat in a mall anyway) My beloved CTR benne masale dose has shrunk to the size of a normal dosa and I pay Rs. 40 for it!! Why IT?! Why?!

6. Sanitation and Cleanliness

I saw two girls spitting on the road! I rest my case!! There’s garbage and sewage overflowing everywhere!! What have you done to my city? It used to be the garden city and now it’s become a garbage city. If you go to the malls then the toilets are dirty. Don’t tell me all kinds of people come to malls. That’s not an excuse. A couple of years ago, I was at a mall and standing in line to use the toilet. A lady comes out of one and the cleaner goes to check if it’s clean for the next person. She comes back to yell at the lady saying you wear jeans and tops and act all high fi (Is that right? or is it HiFi?) but you don’t know how to use a toilet?! If you’re going to live in Bangalore at least try to live up to our standards. Clean up after yourselves people!!

7. Attitude

Bangaloreans are friendly, easy going people open to new things. Whether food, music or theatre we welcomed it with open arms. We went as far as not expecting you to know our language and still welcoming you. And what do we get? Stuck up snobs who refuse to blend in and call themselves Bangalorean when there’s NOTHING Bangalorean about them. Trying to ask someone for help is seen as assaulting them. If you’re at a signal and someone from the next vehicle says excuse me, you’re expected to turn and ask what they need, not ignore and act like you didn’t hear anything. You’re not so good looking that everyone tries to hit on you. And not everyone’s a jerk like you!

To summarise, IT, you’re a curse my city could’ve done without. Thanks to you anyone and everyone who comes into to power tries to do something “for” the city and all they end up doing is destroying it! Please! This is a request. Please! We don’t need anything more. Just finish the stuff you started and clean up after yourselves. That’s the only thing we want.

Please note : If you’re going to take offence and start a discussion about how I’m wrong, please take offence but take your discussion elsewhere. Because I’m sure irrespective of what I say you’re the victim. This is from someone who has lived and grown up in the city and who comes once a year for a glimpse of their most favourite place in the world which you just ruined for them. So if you’re planning on disagreeing, keep it to yourself.


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Manasa Manjunath

Automotive engineering master student from India who has a LITTLE TOO MANY interests in life. I'm not the most knowledgeable person out there but I do have an opinion about things. They need not be right but at least I'm my own person. My areas of interest range from fashion to food and literature to automobiles. I enjoy reading as much I enjoy trekking, traveling and working with cars. I love music but can't sing to save my life. I enjoy theater and have a keen interest in architecture, art, history and how they all come together. Always interested in trying new things and meeting new people. Most important part of my person you ask? Potterhead, Bangalorean and proud!

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