Happy Birthday Harry!!!


Warning : Spoiler alert if you’ve not read or watched the entire series.

PS : All pun intended!

July 31st holds a special place in the hearts of a group of people. People who still believe and put their faith in Magic. Since 30th June 1997, Harry Potter has touched and transfigured the lives of millions. Entrancing children, teenagers and adults alike.

For a decade he held the attention of the literary world and last year saw Harry get his happy ending on the silver screen.Many moaned “The end of an era” while others heaved a sigh of relief over the passing of a long and annoying obsession. But love it or hate it, you just can’t escape it. Harry Potter is a global phenomenon. One, that has transcended gender, language, culture and borders. It has united people from all walks of life as they eagerly awaited Harry’s next new adventure and thirsted for justice for him.

Few would believe a bespectacled, skinny boy wizard could weave such a spell. Whether through books or movies, he’s managed to enchant one and all with his charms. The phenomenon has been widely read, written and debated about. Only fuelling the already raging curiosity. People have gone public with their distrust/hate calling it dark and sinister. More have tried to understand its universal appeal and been consumed by the “Pottermania” tidal wave.

But for the privileged and fortunate few who have grown up with Harry, whose lives have been touched by the “Potter magic”, its more than just a book or movie series, its a way of life!