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1. What is your first name? Manasa
2. What is your favorite food? Right now? a fuddruckers burger,kirthananna style;) and dr.pepper(yum!!!)
3. What high school did you go to? Cluny Convent
4. What is your favorite color? red,black and mid-night blue
5. Who is your celebrity crush? None.
6. Favorite drink? Dr.Pepper
7. Dream vacation? Backpacking through India with cousins and friends
8. Favorite dessert? Dark Chocolate ice cream
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Prime minister of India
10. What do you love most in life? My country, family and friends
11. One Word to describe you? Confused
12. Your Flickr name? manee


Been tagged by swat so here goes….

A-Available? For food, hanging out wit friends and talking about and driving cars and bikes anytime!!
B-Best friend(s):It would have to be………………….ME!!
C-Cake or Pie: Both!!
D-Drink(s) of choice: Ajja’s special sherbet, chocolate milk and orange juice!!and DR.PEPPER!!!
E-Essential thing used everyday: cell phone
F-Favorite color: red, black and midnight blue
G-Gummi bears or worms: Gummi bears.
H-Hometown: Bangalore
I-Indulgence: Food, music and writing
J-January or February: second half of january
K-Kids and names: love playing with kids and giving names to family and friends that I think suit the person
L-Life is incomplete without: Family, friends, harry potter, my dog, sports and music!!
M-Marriage date: Will let u know if it’s EVER fixed.
N-Number of siblings: One younger sister.
O-Oranges or apples: Both i like fruits
P-Phobias: Scared of crossing roads!!
Q-Quote: Live life on your own terms and have no regrets
R-Reason to smile: When i see my friends, when my friends are happy, when i’m thinking about a song and suddenly it starts playing on the radio, rain, my dog, calvin and hobbes, harry potter, and loads of other stuff. I usually dont need a reason to smile, i just always am
S-Season: all
T-Tag three people:
U-Unknown fact about me: I can actually speak sense sometimes(its very rare though)
V-Vegetable(S) you do not like: Brinjal(yuckkk!!)
W-Worst habit: Can’t shut up and can’t make sense(lol)
X-rays you have had:left shoulder
Y-Your favourite food: Ma’s colombo, pathrade, gajar ka halva, pulao, karkal ter’s dali,fuddruckers burger and loads of other stuff
Z-Zodiac: Gemini.


“Indians are such hypocrites”, is probably the most used sentence by westerners. But I beg to differ…… Indians are no more hypocritical than anyone else in the world. Just today I saw a foreigner on MGRoad throw his cigrette on the footpath. Now I doubt he’d do the same in his country but if an Indian did the same it would attract a lot of criticism from fellow countrymen and the world alike. At such times it is more important to help cover up the mistake and save ourselves the humiliation of being called an unhygenic or hypocritical race than agree with the world at large and make bigger fools of ourselves.

We humans can’t help but be hypocritical. Many times we end up praising what we had earlier put down and vice-versa. Like earlier when Copernicus first said that the Earth revolves around the sun he was condemned and hung unto death and today he is considered one of the greatest men ever born. If this isn’t hypocrisy what is?

It is indeed ironic that we point out the mistakes that others make and laugh at them when we are no better than them. We find glory in others misery. We find it harder to forgive someone when they are right. As we are but humans. Mean base creatures. Doesn’t this show us how ‘great’ we truly are?

We say that all on Earth are equal yet we seek to rule and make ourselves more superior and hence more important than others. We fail to understand and appreciate what we say. It’s ironic that though we came up with the word we still fail to understand it’s meaning.

The status of women

Karyeshu mantri, karmeshu dasi, pujeshyu matha, sayaneshu rambha”, this is a Hindu saying that means that a woman is as wise as a minister in thinking, as hard working as a slave, a mother to be worshipped, and as beautiful as a nymph descended from the heavens. For time immemorial women have been an inspiration no matter what the cause. . They are said to be the fruits that carry the seeds to grow and nourish mankind.

The 8th of March is called women’s day all over the world. It is said to be a day of celebration of the women and all that she symbolizes. “Ladies first”, is a saying famous world over. All over the world there are various organizations that work for women empowerment. But all this is like a mountain or battlefield glorious to behold from afar but a bitter truth once within reach.

In the United States one out of every four women is either raped or molested. In our own country everyday there at least five women being raped or molested. The figures are shocking and each has its own heart rendering tale to tell. A lady was raped next to the Chief Minister’s office in Delhi the capital of the country which happens to have a lady as a chief minister.

A girl and boy were found together late in the evening by the police. They were immediately taken into custody but after much persuasion the boy was allowed to go and fetch elders on the condition that the girl would stay. The girl was then taken to the police station where she was raped. In India there is an act which states that a woman cannot be arrested between 6 am and 6 pm and even other wise a woman can be taken into custody unless there are lady officers on duty. How can one expect help from the law when the law enforcers themselves indulge in such heinous crimes such as molesting a 12 year old girl and then not plead guilty?

Thousands of cases are filed every year with rape or molestation as the subject. Each case is made sensational and hyped by the media, the human rights activists suddenly wake up and everyone is debating the case and demanding that the accused be brought to justice. Everyone forgets about the victim who has to go through the mental turmoil and torture all the while trying to forget the gruesome incident with the media asking questions she has no answers to.

Many victims thinking of the consequences end their life unable to put up with the grief and torture. Some who are strong enough file a case in the court thinking that maybe the law will give them some justice and maybe help in the prevention of such incidents in future but all in vain as by the time the verdict is passed on such a case the victim is no more.

A bill was made to safeguard women and their rights. The media greatly hyped this talking about all its plus points. It would have been able to curb the widespread exploitation to a great extent but sadly there was no news regarding this subject after that. It never was made into an act. Everyone has been debating that why women shouldn’t be given a 33% representation the parliament but even that act has not been implemented.

No wonder there is such wide spread anarchy in our country.

Everyday a lady is killed or harassed in the name of dowry. They are burnt alive and treated as animals. They have to face harassment or lose their life in case they fail to give birth to a male child who is said to carry on the family name. One does not expect this in a country where the women is given the status of the goddess of the household and worshipped.

Girl children born are either abandoned or mercilessly killed by the parents as they are a burden on the family. They are not educated because after all the trouble they have to be sent away while a boy can stay and earn and look after his parents when they are old and invalid. Female infanticide is a crime according to the law but there are so many that break this law and walk freely in society today.

Eve-teasing is rampant in the country. Women are viewed by most in a demeaning way. They use women for their pleasure and toy with them. Women have been reduced to a mere source of amusement, frivolity or pleasure for most. It may seem harmless to many but leaves behind scars that cannot be erased on the mind and a very negative attitude towards all other men because they feel all are the same.

Long before the advent of religion man was said to worship the woman. It is called a pagan ritual now but there is so much truth in it. Women represented fertility, love, tenderness and hope. They symbolized the growth of mankind and still do.

Many may say that today’s woman walks shoulder to shoulder with man and are given more priority in many cases. But in our country alone it is only 4-6% of the population of women who work. Women are chosen over men only because they are more efficient and can multitask easily.

In today’s changing world the woman has carved a niche for herself inspite of having so many predators hunting and preying on her. There are so many women who have made a mark for themselves like-Hilary Clinton, UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, closer home Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Biocon chief Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Sushmitha Sen, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, Aparna Poppat, Nisha Millet and so many more to come.

To be recognized in today’s male dominated society is a Herculean task. But the ladies mentioned above represent the new face of the woman.

So many have been burnt alive at the stake and so many atrocities have been committed on this lady. So many times she has been restrained and sacrificed by the higher order. But a day will come when the cries of the abused will echo and these voices will rise to judge the world on the atrocities committed. There will be many questions what will the higher order do then? What will it answer to these voices?

A woman will stay quiet till she can tolerate, never underestimate her tolerance and silence as her weakness because the day the torture crosses the point of tolerance her third eye will open and destroy everything in its path.

One cannot venerate one’s own house by burning or destroying a neighbour’s house. It is most unjust, unfair and heinous to abuse and destroy a woman in society who represents one’s own mother, wife, sister or daughter, each of who is venerated, respected and protected within the household. Self enlightenment is therefore the need of the hour lest the heinous act committed elsewhere in society boomerangs within the protected and sheltered household.


“Euthanasia” or mercy killing today is a widely debated topic throughout the country. God is said to be the only who has the power to bestow life to us and at the same time he is said to be the only one who has the right to take it away so wouldn’t this bejust another form of suicide which is a crime. Then it means that no matter in what condition the mortal body is it is a crime to end its life.
But at the same time if there is absolutely no chance of recovery and if everyday is nothing but a mere struggle for every breath and there is nothing but pain and misery in that very breath wouldn’t it be better to not live at all than have such a miserable existence that you are not the only one suffering but even the people around you suffer along with the you? And you know that in the end its all going to be the same and all you are left to do is wait and wallow in pain for that end which seems so far away……..
Though it is a crime in our country euthanasia is actually legal in many countries such as Switzerland. It has been discussed extensively and has its pros and cons but doesn’t everything? Whether it is electricity or nuclear energy all have their advantages and disadvantages but we continue to use them and have a defense for the same.
It is said that people can misuse this law to their advantage and hence the passing of this has been delayed for a long time. But instead of delaying this all the time wouldn’t it be better to pass this law with a few extra conditions or terms so that its misuse is prevented. How long can we continue to live blindly?
Our country is groaning under the weight of more than a billion people and this will be a easy and good way of relieving many people of their misery. Especially they themselves are tired of the misery. Not only emotionally are they a ‘burden’ but also financially a big drain on the family. This would also be a good way of decongesting so many hospitals especially when there is a serious shortage of good medical felicities.
But in our country murder is not rare. People don’t even need a reason and there are so many ways in which this is committed. Implementing of mercy killing will mark a prominent rise the figures of the number of people murdered and people will easily get away with it by naming it as mercy killing.
There is also the case of people killing their predecessors for property or inheritance they too have a good alibi to get away with by saying the person was too old or ill to carry on and we all know that if handed a sum of money any person qualified to carry out this will do it without any remorse.
Though debated widely across the country we have never been able to come up with a solution to this problem maybe with time people will take time to think more about this and come up with a solution at the same time it would be a good idea to put this question to the public and get their views on it and find out whether they are for or against it and do what the majority feel after all this is for the people.

One is all and all is one

Ever wondered what one is all and all is one means. An anime taught me the meaning. All is the world and I am the one. When you hear it sounds deep and heavy even the meaning is intriguing. And it is. The world is a whole entity while you’re just a part of this entity who contributes to it. In however small a way it is. Its not like the world would seize to exist without you but you definitely need the world to continue. Simply put you need the world the world doesn’t need you.
Think about it this way. Like how Ed and Al put it simply.
When you die….what happens? Obviously the people who care about you will be really sad and the people who know you too. Your presence, or lack of it here, would have an impact on all these people’s life. In one way or the other they’d be reminded of you and it would make a difference in their life. This is looking at it subjectively.
But if you look at it objectively…..your death would definitely have an impact on their life and ways. But as time passes by they’ll put it by. After all life must go on. You can’t stop living just because someone you care about isn’t with you anymore. You can cry about it but it’s a reality. A fact you just have to accept.
Now look at it from the world’s point of view. When you die nothing changes. What happens everyday will continue. The sun’s still going to rise, the wind’ll blow and there’ll be floods. When you die your body, made of carbon, iron, magnesium, sodium, all go back to the earth the composition doesn’t change.
On one hand the small world that you’re a part of is totally torn apart but on the other hand the world at large….well nothing changes there, not even if you’re the president or the prime minister of the country.Life goes on for everyone, your absence doesn’t stagnate it.
You have people telling you that even one person and his smallest action can change the world, the way it thinks. But then you have this where your absence or presence makes any difference. The composition remains the same. So do we really make a difference in the world?

Thin or fat???

What do you ask someone when you meet them after a long time?How are you or How have you been maybe?Well here’s the latest trend,you don’t ask any such thing what you do say is -“Have you lost weight?” or “Have you put on weight since the last time I saw you?”. Even J K Rowling, of Harry Potter fame, was faced with the same situation after meeting someone after a long time the first thing the person asked her is “Have you lost weight?”
You’d think there are more important things in life than just weight issues unless you’re a hundred kilos and can’t get through a door.Every single person no matter how old or young seems to be caught up in this giving it the name that we’re trying to get fit.And now with various beauty clinics coming up everyone is actually taking the next step and going to these places to become “thin”.
The million dollar question here is-“How thin is thin?”You have emaciated zero size models with waists thinner than an eight year old strutting down the runway for designers in various fashion shows.Its ridiculous!These models cannot be called human even their faces don’t look remotely human.They look like sucked up potatoes.With arms and legs like the withered branch of some tree.
You feel pity everytime you look at them.Like they’ve not had anything to eat for the past few years or can’t afford money to even buy food!And to think people would be sensible not to follow in the footsteps of these so called ‘models’.You see so many young girls trying to look like these glorified ‘models’ and ending up in the hospital with anemia,anorexia and various other food disorders.
I know a certain someone with a 24 inch waist line who thinks she’s fat!Can it get any more ridiculous than this?And everytime she spots someone thinner than her she goes off about how fat she is.So much so that she cuts down on eating food and ends up falling sick.
Everyone thinks dieting is the best thing in the world.You have the zone diet,the south beach diet,the protein diet and what not.And with various celebrities endorsing it people follow them.Celebrities are different they have stylists,nutrionists,dieticians and chefs doing everything for them.They are waited on hand and foot, but a normal person can’t follow these diets.
All you need to do is play a sport and drink lots of water thats all you need to stay healthy but we have models and celebrities with body mass index less than 18 advising people to follow the diet they are.Inspite of two models dying and experts saying that its not healthy to go on crash diets people take their chance and suffer.
So the question is are we all trying to get fit or thin(read sick)?


Love and hatred, peace and war. In either case, the latter seems to take priority while taking decisions. Its incredible how people seem to think that revenge is a very justifiable excuse to all their actions(crimes). It doesn’t matter to what lenghts they may have to go to fulfill their desire for revenge and its extremely appalling how people find ways and means of turning the smallest of instances as motives for their revenge and nurture hatred.

It doesn’t matter to them what the consequences of their action might be. They find momentary satisfaction when they see the fruits, borne by their hatred. It seems like they lose all their capacity to think and understand anything in a calm and rational way.They always seem to think that revenge will see to it that everthing is squared.
There’s an anime, “Girl from Hell”. Its about how the “Hell Girl” takes revenge for you and takes the person you want revenge from to hell, forever. For this to happen, you have to access the hotline to hell website at midnight and enter the name of the person you want revenge from. Then the “Hell Girl” comes and gives you a black straw doll with a red string tied around its neck. She tells you that if you pull the string the person who’s tormenting you will immediately be taken to hell. But she also warns you that since she’s doing this for you, you need to make a payment to her, so when you die you will be taken to hell immediately and you will stay there forever, not knowing what paradise is like. (Please don’t try any of this stuff. You could get me into trouble if you do 🙂 )

But think about it, is it really worth pulling that string? Even if it would mean that the person you hate would go to hell; because you end up in the same place as the person. So in a way, doesn’t it make you just like the person? When you can’t handle the torture here on earth do you think you could when your in hell?  And when its for eternity? I’m no genius, but even I know that eternity is a long long time.Is it really worth it? Vengeance is one thing but can you live with yourself knowing you sent someone to hell and that they’re being tortured there at this very moment? Won’t you hear their screams inside your head?

People do crazy things without realising what they’re doing, all for revenge. But if you do take revenge, do you get back whatever it is that you lost? People become what they’re not, trying to take revenge. Is it really worth losing yourself for revenge? Look at it this way, is the person you want to take revenge from worth changing yourself for? People lose themselves ,their lives, everything they have and is precious to them.But what do they get in return? Happiness? Whatever it was that they lost? Salvation?

But if you’ve noticed they lose much more than that……….

When one person is cursed two graves are dug!