Way too much nonsense!!

The last time I published a post was 3 months ago. Not good. Not good at all! The last time this happened 3 months become 6 and that became more than a year. I’d promised myself to write more. Please note, it was a promise to myself, not a new year’s resolution I make just to break it the next day.

Anyway, here we are. 3 months and no post. So what have I been up to? Have I been travelling a lot and having exciting adventures? No. Have I been super busy at my job with a bossy boss? No, my boss is actually really cool! Have I at least been without Internet? Nope! I’ve come to a point where I can’t imagine my life without the world wide web but that’s a story for another day. Or is it? Can you even trust me anymore? Actually, have you ever trusted me to stick to my word? I hope not. Then I’d have to add to the already long list of people I’m disappointing.

Now that all that beating around the bush is done, let’s get to the elephant in the room. What exactly have I been up to? The answer is nothing.  A big fat, lazy, good for nothing NOTHING. I thought I would have more time now to blog than ever. I thought I’d be super-productive and churning out blogs every week until you all got tired and begged me to stop or something equally dramatic happened. But that’s what I thought. Didn’t really translate into action.

I do actually have a lot more time on my hands now than ever. Except for maybe summer holidays during school. I don’t have to worry about exams, or reports or anything. So I don’t have any excuse, let alone a valid one. I’ve been lazy.

The truth is, I’ve always blogged when I’ve had other stuff to do. I’ve blogged when I should’ve been doing other things. I blogged about the other things. Now, without school and exams and due dates, my life is a lot less dramatic than it used to be. Less drama means less ranting, less ranting translates to no blog. So basically I’m now a big old bore and need new challenges.

I always thought I’d be set once I started working. That’s everyone’s dream isn’t it? To have a secure job with money entering your account every month. It’s what we work towards from the time we’re 6. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job! I’m doing the things what I’ve always dreamed of doing but it’s not something I can blog about.

So, to surmount this new challenge, I turn to you my dear readers. You know how I write, and also what you like to read. How about we try a collaboration. You suggest and I write. I can’t promise that it will  be very good but I do promise to try.


5 year anniversary

    On opening my WordPress account today, I found a surprise awaiting me. Apparently I’ve been with WordPress for 5 years now. That’s a really long time! 5 years is almost a fifth of my entire life time and all I’ve managed are 30 odd posts. I’d started a blog as a place to vent my verbal ire, to write things that most people I know wouldn’t want to discuss, to improve my writing and primarily because this is the one place where once I start speaking there’s no one to interrupt me.

    In these 5 years while I haven’t really accomplished what I set out to do, I have learned a lot. I’ve come across blog posts and blogs that have inspired me, that have educated me and more importantly widened my horizon. Here, I’m not limited by my origin, age, knowledge(or lack of it) or anything else. WordPress has become my place to learn of different people’s’ opinions, learn how they think and experience life in their shoes. To quote Rory Gilmore, “I  live in two worlds”, one is the real world and the other the world of WordPress.

    Here I’ve travelled to different corners of the world through the lenses of people I don’t know. I’ve lived the daily life in war-torn countries as well as in the land of abundance. I’ve grieved the loss of a loved one and celebrated the arrival of a new member in the family. I’ve walked lonely roads and lived in dark rooms pondering over the light that everyone seems to know of. I’ve experienced favouritism and discrimination. I’ve been happy, excited, loved and appreciated and yet also hurt, sad,  abused and ashamed. Everyday is a new lesson, a new understanding, a new life. They say to really understand a person you have to walk a mile in their shoes, WordPress has become my medium to understand people without wearing out their soles.

    When I started out with the Facetted Forum, what I wanted to do was present my opinion as one facet of the world. I would never have imagined that what I was doing as well is unlocking the door to a world where I would live and experience multiple facets of the same world that I live in.

Of exams, cover letters and idler gears

    It’s exam season in RWTH Aachen and which everyone around me have their noses buried in books, here I am typing away on my laptop. What a surprise! I’ve thought about it a lot( while in the shower, on the toilet, that’s a LOT of time!) and I’ve come to conclusion that exam time is the only time my brain wakes up to do some work and writing happens to be one of the by-products of all this “work” and hence all the spam on this URL.

    This exam season though is special. Because it brings with it a bonus offer! Not only do I have to study for exams but I’ve to also apply to internships while doing my student job and mini thesis(fingers crossed!). So when my brain feels like a bee that’s visited one too many flowers, I turn to “work” on my applications. So far all I’ve managed to do is type up my Lebenslauf(CV); Which I’m proud to report was threatening to extend into a 3 page long saga that is my life until a friend stepped in and decided 2 hobbies are more than enough with my list of extracurriculars. But this was the easier part. Outlining all that you’ve accomplished in your life up to now(24 years and just 3 pages to show for it? Time to get to work!). You know the facts and all you need to do now is list them down and make them sound as awesome as they do in your head.

    The hard part is the cover letter. It’s bad enough when I have to write one in English, add German to the mix and you might as well be telling me to walk on a tight rope. All I end up doing is staring at a blank document willing the cover letter to write itself as I ponder how am I supposed to convince the automotive giants of the world to consider me for an internship. In a single page. In German! (FYI: I’m not that bad. Just being dramatic here. Please play along)

    The problem lies not in the language. German is probably the best language you could choose to write your cover letter. It’s frank, simple and there’s absolutely no beating about the bush. If you’re looking for a way to convince someone about something in a page then German’s got to be your language. It gives you the facts as they are! No frills attached! The problem is that while I can read, write and understand, when it comes to speaking and composing sentences my brain just shuts down. So instead of writing that cover letter, here I am writing about why I can’t.

    It’s surprising how suddenly garrulous I am when it comes to stuff that has nothing to do with my work or studies. Politics, movies, music, take your pick and you’ll be showered with verbal vomit, There are so many thoughts running amok in my head that you may actually hear a whirring noise if you get close enough. If you’re unlucky enough, you may just unwillingly be treated to a speech on various topics which have nothing in common whatsoever. Two mornings ago I was wondering why Auto drivers always try to rip you off while I was showering (The answer if you’re wondering is because they have no fixed income forcing them to make the most everyday. That was productive now wasn’t it?!). Yes, yes, I’m quite the idea machine, just don’t sit me down and make me write an exam or cover letter. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my laziness(which happens to be the prime reason for my sporadic blog posts) but then again I am actively typing out this here so I believe that it’s just that whenever that gear indicating important/required/necessary comes into drive, the entire system just gets jammed up until someone adds in the idler gear that is a deadline(read fire up my ass). So here’s hoping I find a way to fix my ratios before the idler gear arrives else man! am I going to be in serious trouble!